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A semi-transparent lubricant with unique cohesive and adhesive action that keeps surfaces coated with PTFE film even under high pressure, extreme temperatures and escalated speeds. Penetrates deeply on application, then quickly sets up to a high performance, heavy duty, PTFE impregnated synthetic grease. Excellent for indoor and outdoor applications where wide fluctuations in temperature can cause lubricant failure. Manufactured to withstand applications of extreme pressure, high speed use and high load carrying requirement. Extremely resistant in the face of harsh environments such as water and detergent wash-out, oxidation, acid, dirt and salt spray. Protects against friction, wear and corrosion. Especially effective on conveyors, cams, slides, valves, linkages, open gears, worms, pumps, chains, rollers, pulleys, fittings, o-rings, couplings, wire rope, hoists, cables, manifold heat valves, slide and high speed bearings, winches, fork lifts and bushings. Unlimited applications in food and beverage processing facilities such as dairy and bottling plants, frozen food and bakery operations. Excellent for use in shipping, packaging, moulding, and drying operations, industrial and chemical processing facilities, as well as marine, automotive and aircraft maintenance.

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