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Diversey Oxivir Wipes 12 X 160

Diversey Oxivir Wipes 12 X 160

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Stay protected with Oxivir Wipes, now available at PPE Online. Each container holds 160 wipes, making it easy to keep your work environment or personal space sanitized. The wipes are ready to use as a surface cleaner, as well as a general virucide and tuberculocide.

With bactericidal and virucidal capabilities in just 1 minute, you can trust in the effectiveness of these wipes. The wipes are latex-free and have received FDS # MS0801358, ensuring their quality and safety.

The classified ingredients in the wipes include benzyl alcohol and hydrogen peroxide, and have been assigned a DIN No. of 02283530. Choose Oxivir Wipes for dependable and quick disinfecting action. Purchase a single container or a case of 12 containers for added convenience.

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